Help these little dogs get a second chance! image

Help these little dogs get a second chance!

Your support ensures they will get the care that they need

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Heartland Humane Shelter & Care is working with Benton County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control to take in 43 small dogs from an area home.

The dogs are Havanese and range in age from 8 months to 8 years. The shelter took in the first 8 dogs November 2nd to begin vetting them. Foster Coordinator Samantha Mont, on the dogs’ condition; “they’re a little under-socialized, but I think they would do well with someone who was patient with them to help them be comfortable.”

Heartland, like most animal shelters, has been seeing an uptick in dog intakes and a slowdown of dog adoption. Responding in these situations can be difficult under normal circumstances but is particularly so now, as the shelter is already nearly at capacity for dogs. Shelter staff hopes that people who are on the fence about adding a dog to their family will consider fostering to help ease the strain on the shelter’s resources. Donations are also needed and appreciated, as these dogs require medical attention and care while in the shelter.